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Our culture: it’s all around you!

Did you know that in La Tuque, you can attend regular shows at the Félix-Leclerc cultural complex, borrow free books, CDs and movies from the public library, consult the archives and view the objects stored in the vaults of the historical society, sing in a choir and join the musicians in an ensemble that’s been going for nearly a century (or at least see them in concert several times a year)?

Did you know that in La Tuque, you can take any number of workshops—from learning how to play guitar or piano to exploring your inner actor, taking up scrapbooking, mosaic-making or stained glass, expressing yourself through watercolour, acrylic or oil painting, or even sculpture and woodworking… so many choices, in fact, that you’d be best advised to consult the cultural resource directory for contact information on local artists, teachers and cultural organizations?

Did you know that in La Tuque, you can host a weekly cultural column on the program Jeudis du Centre-Ville, celebrate First Nations Day and Québec’s national holiday in the same week, bring friends, relatives and neighbours to the summer theatre, join in the action of the Journées de la culture, or meet artists from here and across Québec during the Automn'art painting symposium?

All of this and more awaits! 



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